Impending Doom – “Death Will Reign”


Impending Doom – “Death Will Reign” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Impending Doom are a Cally Christian death core band who formed in 2005, releasing their debut “Nailed. Dead. Risen” in 2007. Since then they released a few more albums but I gotta say none have come as close to their debut as this album. Besides an act of God (or as a result of it), that undoubted reason has to be the return of founder guitarist Manny Contreras who not only forged the band’s sound with vocalist Brook Reeves, but also wrote a large amount of the material. As if a blessing in disguise, when Contreras left in 2010, he had a buncha songs (like 2 albums worth – Ed) which have lain dormant – until now. Essentially cherry picking the best of his work as well as value adding in those areas falling short, Impending Doom have mixed the gritty rawness of their past with their more recent darkness and fury – the best of ‘Gorship’ as it were! For those new to the band, I’d say they’re a heavier version of Slipknot with Brook’s vocals being more screamo and the guitar sound having more twisting djent like grooves courtesy of eight stringed guitars and drop Gb tuning. With quiet, foreboding passages including some pianos (!) interspersing the hell on earth furor of songs like ‘Rip, Tear, Burn’, ‘Beyond The Grave’ and ‘Live Or Die’, Impending Doom have returned to their foundations in cementing their style for the future.

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