Imperial State Electric – “All Through The Night”


Imperial State Electric – “All Through The Night” (Psychout Records)

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Still bowled over by their previous release in “Honk Machine”, I was certainly eager to get my teeth into this release from Nicke Andersson – and boy, if you’re a fan of Southern Boogie Rock then you’re gonna luv this! Imperial State Electric deliver the goods abundantly here through catchy, heart melting hard rock in a warm, authentic sound that goes right back to the late 60s / early 70s. From monster melodies and crooning choruses to irresistible guitar work, its the uplifting energy and feelgood factor produced that addicts me to songs like the racy but classy hard rock ‘Remove Your Doubt‘ complete with its ‘Freebird’ soloing culmination and the far out, funked out hippy rock of ‘Would You Lie’ – awesome! If you like it even more mellower then the sun kissed country rock of ‘Break It Down’ with its female harmonies and slide guitars should have you in a ball while old Hellacopters fans are sure to love the fast Scandi rock of ‘Over and Over Again’ with those guitars once again makin’ the magic! Widening their style to include rock n roll into the boogie is ‘Get Off The Boo Hoo Train’ with some wild piano and shredding screams from Andersson while the ELO like closer of ‘No Sleeping’ funnily enough does exactly that in a cosy, soothing way. Yet another stunning release with no frills needed for its musical perfection.

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