Imperial State Electric – “Anywhere Loud”

Imperial State Electric – “Anywhere Loud” (Psychout Records) 

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Formed by Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric are now established over 5 studio albums as his credible follow up band and this high energy 23 song live release goes over the top in cementing that as a fact! Aptly titled in being recorded across 3 sell out shows in Tokyo, Madrid and Stockholm, the raw power of the band’s music is matched by the raucous crowd – clearly electrified by the band’s stunning performance! Mixing 70s hard rock along the melodic lines of Thin Lizzy into modern Scandi rock along with elements of Southern boogie and traditional rock n roll, Imperial State Electric’s magic is in their incredibly catchy songs that are charged with energy and uplifting vibes. If you love guitar driven rock that’s right in your face dishing out soul shaking riffs, irresistible licks and orgasmic solos, then this live album will certainly satiate your lust for no nonsense rock. From the Scandi bopper of ‘Just Let Me Know’ with its teen heart breaking chorus to the fast all out rocker of The Dead boys ‘Sonic Reducer’ the wailing guitars collide with Andersson’s own screams as Imperial State Electric show their versatility (not to mention their class). On ‘Deja Vu’ the punchy but hugely catchy rock mixes in some Southern guitars for a massive singalong chorus before they go straight for the heart in the country bluegrass crooner of ‘Break It Down’ where the raw tinny guitar sound works a treat alongside Andersson’s now more laid back vocal posture. Bringing in the favorites like ‘All Over My Head’ it’s another simple yet so effective soul grabbing melody that does the trick – albeit in massive emotional effect as a wave of euphoria sweeps over you. Yeah, you’ve just witnessed yet another Imperial State Electric show!!!! 

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