In Aevum Agere – “The Shadow Tower”

In Aevum Agere – “The Shadow Tower” (Pure Steel Records)

Awesome. Italian doom that conjures a witches brew of Angel Witch’s raw guitar work with Candlemass’s suave angelic melodies and the dark rhythms of Solitude Aeturnus – simply irresistible!!! Main man Bruno Masulli (Loadstar, Power Beyond, Savior From Anger) has definitely evoked something not of this world with songs like ‘The Last Farewell’, ‘Ire Of Solitude’ and ‘Son Of Unknown’ for they are definitive doom – in epic proportions that would make Messiah Marcolin blush and Tony Iommi shake from the classic riffs right down to the perfect sound mix. All in all an absolute gem of an album and the perfect way to finish off the year in fine epicus doomicus metallicus style!!

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