(Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Whatever happened to the whole blackgaze sub¬-genre? I really liked the bands that came from that side of black metal. But then I have a special fondness for the more atmospheric side of metal, be it death, doom, goth or black. I like my music melancholic. This sophomore album from IN CAUDA VENENUM consists of only two tracks but still clocks in at over 40 minutes. That alone tells you that this is not your “go for the throat” black metal. Instead they work with nuances of emotions. Adding layers to layers until they have built a construction that is so immense that it you succumb to it. As with all atmospheric black metal it is up to the listener to decide what emotions come from it. All I can say is that I listen to this with a feeling of joy and fulfillment. Anders Ekdahl

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