Battle Helm Rating

As you might have figured out this is a three way split between bands that I have not heard a single note of. And with that in mind I take on this record with a mind as open as possible. I do have some ideas as to what to expect. But that could very well be so far off that I’ll look like a complete idiot so I’ll keep that to myself. What you get is three SPECTRALE tracks, three HEIR tracks and one IN CAUDA VENENUM track. I will start with the IN CAUDA VENENUM track as that one is the longest clocking in at over 14 minutes. This is atmospheric black metal. it is like a long walk in a forest draped in an autumnal costume. Beautifully colourful but with that ominous feeling of dwelling. HEIR have a more off beat avant garde feeling to their black metal, or post black metal as it is labelled. SPECTRALE is acoustic and sombre in comparison and therefore totally opposite of the other two. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dramatic passages. As a split this one work. You get three very different bands that within their own form still share the same parameters when it comes to atmosphere and temperature. Anders Ekdahl

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