In Cold Blood – “A Flawless Escape”

In Cold Blood
“A Flawless Escape”
(Rising Records)

WE ALL FIGHT TO KEEP HEAVY MUSIC ALIVE! So speaketh the 5 Romans making up ICB (not the Cleveland crew) who play modern metalcore featuring throat strained vocals, fast melodic metal a la The Haunted and impressive guitar warblings that threaten to take them into the extreme metal league. So impressive in fact, that the master of fretboard burning Jeff Waters of Annihilator and death metal warrior Giulio Moschini (Hour Of Penance) guests on tracks like ‘Choose A Life’, ‘Bad Wolf’ and ‘No Sun’. ICB are already on the road in continental Europe where they’ve toured with Municipal Waste, Illdisposed, All Shall Perish, and Sybreed so their quality brand of crossover is clearly making an impact just as the ancient pillaging ancestors did LOL!

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