In Silentio Noctis – “Disenchant The Hypocrites”

In Silentio Noctis – “Disenchant The Hypocrites” EP (My Kingdom Music)

lol there might be something in the title of this album as this Finnish symphonic black metal band have had some flak in the past for mixing these two styles and furthermore, comparisons of female vocalist Armi Päivinen to Tarja Turunen! Well the latter may certainly be true as Armi is indeed a classically trained soprano vocalist but the former has little foundation in my opinion as the mix works a treat. Firstly, songs like ‘The Pit’ and ‘Haunted’ are not out and out black metal in either their tempo or even in their riffs – no doubt they are dark, but we’re not talking any great homage to Satan by any means. Secondly, the symphonic melodies are Armi’s aforementioned angelic pipes which provide a perfectly complementary if opposing sound that In Silentio Noctis have crafted well enough to mesh together. This may not satisfy the purists but this EP has a wide appeal from femme rock fans to goth metallers to symphonists and as such one should not be hypocritical in its critique?

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