(Sleazy Rider Records)
With a name like that you can only expect this to be gory and very messy. Anything else is out of the picture. I love the cannibal flicks of the 70s. Not that I condone eating humans in any way but there is something very exploitative about them that could be construed as a critic of our society. Not that it has that much to do with IN UTERO CANNIBALISM. Or does it? Will this be the death metal equivalent of those old cannibal films from the 70s? That this is death metal there is no question about. There might be a touch of early Cannibal Corpse to this but most of all it reminds me of latter day American death metal in the school of Immolation and the likes. Slightly technical with lots of time shifts and stuff. The stuff that might give you nightmares if you like your death metal going from point A to B without any messing about in-between. For the rest of us this is pretty gory to satisfy the craving in us. Anders Ekdahl

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