INBREEDING REDNECKS “Abnormal Life Portrayed”

“Abnormal Life Portrayed”
There are band names that are just pure shite and then there are band names that are so bloody great that you wish that you had come up with them and then sold them to the bands. Then there are band names that you don’t really know what to make of. This is the latter. But that aside this is a Danish death metal act. I don’t think that there really is a Danish death metal sound to speak of. All Danish death acts seem to be too eclectic to be stuck in the same box. This lot I don’t really know where I have them. I get some American vibes but I also get a polish vibe from them. Maybe I’ll just settle for that and just enjoy their death metal blast. This is after all a cool death metal album from a Danish act with a really bizarre name. Anders Ekdahl

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