INCANTATION ”Profane Nexus”

”Profane Nexus”

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It is no secret that my fave US death metal band is INCANTATION. It has been ever since I first heard their debut album back in the 90s. And since that day I have been hooked. There is something about the guttural, murky death metal sound of INCANTATION that triggers all the right strings in me. So whenever a new album arrives it is like x-mas times a thousand for me. I can sit here and listen to INCANTATION for days and days and not tire of it. “Profane Nexus” is nothing new or revolutionary. And it should not be. All it should be is a bloody great album. Period. No fancy pansy crap. No melodies that you can sing along to. Just pure fucking death metal excellence. And that it is. As much as I love this I find no fault with it. This is INCANTATION the way I want INCANTATION to sound like. And for that I love them and this album. High light of my death metal year so far. Anders Ekdahl

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