“Prey For Us”
(Ultimate Massacre)

Battle Helm Rating

I am sorry but I am not that old yet that I need incontinence diapers, even though I had to use them once after an operation, but that is another story. I don’t think this is close to being the greatest band name ever but you sure do take notice of it. But since they are signed to Ultimate Massacre I have really high hopes that this is going to be something that makes my toes curl. This reminds me of Morbid Angel. Not what I expected but a very nice surprise. I am a huge Morbid Angel fan. If you think that “Blessed Are The Sick” is one monster of a record then this will be for you too. This is heavier than a ton of bricks. It slithers like a snake on the hunt. Some massive stuff that really makes my toes curl. Anders Ekdahl

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