Indestructible Noise Command – “Black Hearse Serenade”


Indestructible Noise Command – “Black Hearse Serenade” (Ferocious Records)

I.N.C – aka the legendary Indestructible Noise Command from Connecticut, formed back in ’85 and rose rapidly riding the second wave of thrash supporting the likes of Exodus, Megadeth and King Diamond. Signed on the basis of their demo, their ’88 album “The Visitor” made them stand out in the first place, hitting #1 on the U.S. college metal charts and stole the U.K. #2 import slot out from underneath Aerosmith! What made it work for these guys wasn’t just their thrashiness but also Dennis Gergely’s eclectic vocals that seemed equally content to scream, twist n spit or just plain growl – sometimes all at once – on a style that was to set the blueprint that bands like Pantera (who actually supported I.N.C.) would later follow. Shame then that the band decided to break up owing to lack of label support just before the 90s. Some 23 years later and the core of I.N.C., namely Gergely, co founder guitarist Erik Barath and fellow OG guitarist Anthony Fabrizi decided to come once again together, releasing “Heaven Sent, Hellbound” in 2010 and now “Black Hearse Serenade”. Still justifying their cool name, I.N.C. continue to churn out heavy chugging thrash riffs and precision double bass drumming rhythms courtesy of new bloods like drummer Kyle Shepard. There is a strong element of cow poke melody n groove in there too from both guitars, very Dimebag indeed – or just Erik Barath re-claiming his true glory – but it works a treat on dark horse thrashers like ‘The Lies We Devour’, ‘Cyanide & Whiskey‘ and ‘Love Like Napalm‘ which fit right in line with the album’s concept about a broken man’s murderous path to finality. Gergely’s vocals this time round are less off the wall, even soulful at times befitting these tragic tales, but they are more into the blackness of the material and are backed by vocal shout outs, screams and growls from the rest of the band. With an excellent sound production making those twin revving guitars sound like a coupla machine guns emptying out death, you can feel the final fury in the tracks as they unleash all towards an explosive finale. Definitely a mature release that goes beyond traditional thrash material both technically and in terms of composing, I.N.C. continue their much deserved comeback with this fine album in style.

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