Indestructible Noise Command – “Terrible Things”

Indestructible Noise Command – “Terrible Things” (I.N.C.)

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Formed in high school as a reaction to the packaged media terror of MTV during the mid 80s, it didn’t take long before this Connecticut thrash outfit were blazing their way onstage with the likes of Exodus, Megadeth, Pantera, Testament and King Diamond. Less than a year later and only six months after their high school graduation, Indestructible Noise Command were signed to Giant Records to begin work on their first full length album, “Razorback”, which was released in 1987 to great acclaim for its cutting edge sound and intensity, equally reflected in the band’s live performances. Following up strongly a year later with “The Visitor”, which hit #1 on the U.S. college metal charts and stole the U.K. #2 import slot out from underneath Aerosmith, the band seemed unstoppable in their appeal to both the underground as well as mainstream fans tired of manufactured music. However, as funding from their label began to lose steam, the band decided to build their lives outside the metal arena until they were able to finance their own comeback. Lamented for their pioneering eccentricity in their years away by new generations of fans, their call was answered by 2010’s “Bleed The Line” EP, charting instantly across the US and even in Europe, with over 50,000 views in just 2 weeks for the single alone! With appeal as strong as it was during the 80s for the band’s music, Indestructible Noise Command have followed up since with 2 further full length album, each capitalising on the momentum of its predecessor and increasing fan base. Amazingly still with 3/4 of its original line up in Dennis Gergely on vocals and twin guitarists Erik Barath and Tony Fabrizi, the band have now expanded to a 5 piece with a new drummer and bassist. “Terrible Things” is the band’s 5th album and continues in the same stonking, if at times quirky style that has always defined the band. While not as off the wall as Voi Vod, Indestructible Noise Command certainly have plenty of subtle and occasionally overt variations and differences to raise both eyebrows and turn heads, such is the essence of their appeal in what stands them out as more than a just a thrash band. Gergely’s vocals certainly have always made the case for this with his use of soulful singing when others would scream, closely followed by his buddy guitarists who, while content to shred at 1,000 mph, also inject plenty of melodies along with unexpected time changes to always keep the material unexpected. It’s evident in abundance on tracks like ‘Pledge Of Legions’ with fast, jumping riffs along with a strong underlying groove that hooks you in as the hard core shout outs of the chorus add the muscle to Gergely’s throat strained vocals before the solos, one of which sounds jazzy and the other neo classical melody really start to fry your brain as you wonder how it all seems to fit together!? If that might’ve been seen as a one off, then try the hammering ‘Bone Saw Ballet’ with its double bass blitz propelling the dirty riffs that bounce violently as Gergely screams agonisingly and wails ‘…I can’t take it…’ as a massively heavy headbanging piece primes you for even more eccentric guitar solos. Closing with ‘Devil Of Hearts’ with its wailing metallic guitars and tremolo, the pounding drums add to the atmosphere of exotic melodies before exploding into a full blown thrash blitz as Barath and Fabrizi pile in the licks and breaks to keep the heart straining intensity to the max until a warbling soulful piece smacks you before the wailing guitars scream off into solo mania, ending in a razor raw ending. As manic and mad as their legacy dictates, Indestructible Noise Command once again live up to their name – just give yourself a coupla days to calm down afterwards!

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