Indian – “From All Purity”


Indian – “From All Purity” (Relapse Records)

As mean as a curry masala tearing your asshole apart lol! Actually, these guys come from Chicago, not Calcutta, but they certainly play some of the meanest sludge core I’ve heard since the days of Terry Savastano’s band Grief and the UK’s own Iron Monkey. Hallucinogenic, mind bending riffs drenched in feedback noise, screamo vocals and a primitive, brutish rhythm set the grim tone to monster barrages of noise like ‘The Impetus Bleeds’, ‘Rhetoric Of No’ and ‘Rape’. Like a sound from hell. With the ability to induce both mental and physical discomfort, this kind of music is one of the most difficult styles to both play and experience, often due to its spontaneity and state of mind needed. I’ve seen it leave in its wake a death toll of bands, members and undoubtedly whole crowds, but when done to perfection, it’s probably a sado masochist’s dream. Indian have been going since 2003 and have released 3 prior albums so these guys must have hardened skulls but let’s hope their stability lasts nonetheless. Definitely not for the uninitiated, “From All Purity” certainly reeks of what it says so you have been warned. On second thoughts you may be safer with that curry after all.

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