INDOMITE “Theater Of Time”

“Theater of Time”
(Norse Music)
To be honest I really can’t tell progressive apart from not progressive metal. To me progressive is more of a state of mind than an actual genre. But if grand keyboard and guitar arrangements and big soaring vocal acrobatics is what progressive metal is all about then I’m onboard. INDOMITE might have the keyboards down to a T but that is far from the end of it all. That much is clear. I get more of a power metal feel than anything else from this band. Throw in some Judas Priest mixed with Evergrey and you have an idea of where to find this band musically. This is upbeat in a way that puts a smile on every serious metal fan’s face. I can see this making the rounds in German metal clubs. I know that it made the round in my closed off world. Anders Ekdahl

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