INFECTED “Infected Generation”

“Infected Generation”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Just by looking at the cover to this album I got the feeling that this would be a thrash blast from the past. I wasn’t too far off. This has that death/thrash feel too it that I heard a lot of before it all got divided into specific genres. This is like a blast from the 90s and not in a nostalgic sense. Add to it a slight air raid kind of feel and you get a very dystrophic emotional ride. I like the fact that this isn’t PC in any way. This is what it is and that is it. It kinda made me want to get my old Sadus album out and play them back to back with my Cannibal Corpse albums. “Infected Generation” has that kind of old school death/thrash impact on me. Anders Ekdahl

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