Inferion – “The Desolate”

Inferion – “The Desolate” (

‘…The Desolate is a tribute to the immeasurable forces of destruction and devastation. Without them, we have no future..’ so speaketh the apocalyptic duo of Inferion, back from the battlefields of Iraq where main man guitarist/drummer/vocalist/composer Nick Reyes was deployed with his U.S. Army Unit. With that in mind, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to what this might sound like – intense, angry, black metal with strong Nordic riffola a la Burzum! When I look into Nick’s eyes he has that hollow, soulless look that so many servicemen have brought home, but at least on this album he has channeled it into songs like ‘It Began with Blood’, ‘Numerous Lacerations’ and ‘The Killing Process’ which are typically violent in theme and definitely in nature! Be fearful, be very fearful indeed if this boy lives near you…..

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