INFERIS “Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction”

“Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction”
(Old Temple)
I love discovering new acts all the time. And even though most of the fun is in discovering them there is no harm in it if the music too is to my liking. INFERIS are new to me. Yet I have some butterflies in my gut telling me that this could very well be a really cool ride. I have no idea what the Chilean death/thrash/black metal scene is like really as I don’t get sent too many records from that country. INFERIS though are very old school in their sound. Not as old school as the 80s but still old school enough. I know that I go on and on about how I love the death metal sound of the 80s/90s but I do. It was fresh back then and it still sounds good to this day. INFERIS are not that old school. But there is a 90s vibe to this. Like a way heavier Morbid Angel weighed down with concrete blocks. You get the obligatory blast beats and the wild guitars that really set the tone for the 90s death metal sound. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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