INFERNAL LEGION “The Spear Of Longinus”

“The Spear Of Longinus”
For no apparent reasons I have high hopes on this one. I really need a record that blows away all holiday fat accumulated during the past weeks. “The Spear Of Longinus” was maybe not the fat burner I’d hoped for but it’s still enough to burn away the most excessive of the holiday build up. Infernal Legion was not at all what I need or wanted. Instead of a massive black metal opus a la Marduk or Dark Funeral this was more of a death metal assault than I’d expected. And not a bad one at all. Like I said earlier this is good enough to burn away anything excessive. It twists and turns and slithers like a snake in heat. Or perhaps like an eel trying to escape from the final resting place. It is slippery and hard to handle but once you get a grip on it, it tastes like paradise. Anders Ekdahl

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