INIRA “Gray Painted Garden”

“Gray Painted Garden”
(Metal Scrap Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I am not at all familiar with even though this is their second album. I might have been against modern metal to begin with, but I have with time come around to liking most of the stuff I do get to hear. My main objections have been the vocals and the break beats that most modern metal seem to be abundant with. But even those things I have come to terms with. INIRA have a sound that makes me think of At The Gates, In Flames and to some extent Gojira. This is music that has a drive and a beat that is hard to sit still to. I do not dance but this is the stuff that even gets my old body dancing. It still has the screamy vocals, the clean vocals and the breaks but it is done in a way that even I don’t mind the twists and turns. Anders Ekdahl

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