INMORIA “A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary part 1”

“A Farewell To Nothing – The Diary part 1”
(Metalbox/Ice Warrior/Rock It Up)
OK, so your brother is one of the more prolific persons in the Swedish media, known for drug use and fronting a questionable (musically) band. That doesn’t mean shit to me. All I care for is if the music you do is any good. Sweden’s Inmoria might be new to me but that only adds to the joy of hearing them the first time around. This could best be described as power metal with a twist. The twist being a progressive touch: Progressive power metal anyone? It’s not as bad as it might sound. I come to think of Evergrey and bands in that vein when listening to this album. Add a Queensryche (no musical comparisons though) concept kind of feeling and you get an idea where this is all heading. I like the harder edge that Inmoria have going in the music. It stops it from going all gooey on me. It also sets them apart a bit in a much too overcrowded sub-genre. This is a keeper. Anders Ekdahl

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