Insane Vesper – “Layil”


Insane Vesper – “Layil” (Art Of Propaganda)

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What a name – I was expecting some sorta punk or alt band but instead I get served up some primo quality French black metal! There’s not a whole lot out there about this Toulouse band but it seems they were formed in 2002 and after a string of EPs, splits and compilations have arrived at this second full length release. Harnessing some truly diabolical riffs and tortured vocal drawls awash with clanging metallic melodies, the real kick is in the suave avant-garde arrangements and catchy grooves that really take songs like ‘Of Serpent’s Embrace’, ‘Seed Of Inanna’ and ‘Blood Of The Moon’ well beyond the expected blast beat horror into dark, mini epics that commendably incorporate classy elements of heavy metal. Indeed, the average length of the six tracks clocks in around 7 minutes but it never dulls given the liberal use of guitar solos and furious drum breaks all over the material. Despite their name Insane Vesper have proven on “Layil” that they are both a talented and intelligent band with very high standards as well as having a different approach to the evil schlock serving masses.

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