INSATIA ”Phoenix Aflame”

”Phoenix Aflame”
(Pitch Black)

Battle Helm Rating

It seems like forever now but I did interview INSATIA back in January 2016. 18 months later I sit here with their debut album. I will not lie and say that I have been looking forward to it because honestly I didn’t even know that it was on its way but now that I have it I do look forward to hear what this Canadian/US band has to offer. This is power metal. Or so I am told. I kinda expected this to be so over the top that I had to put on shades not to be blinded by it but it turned out much more restraint than I had expected. Yeah I know, expectations is the mother of all fuck ups but I can’t help to sometime expect the unexpected. But having said that, this is not a bad album. It is still a cool slab of metal. Perhaps a tad more symphonic/epic than power metal but it is still operating within those perimeters. This is an album that should be played on a massive as fuck sound system and not on a computer to reach its full potential. Anders Ekdahl

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