Insidious Disease – “After Death”

Insidious Disease – “After Death” (Nuclear Blast)
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An old school death metal super group made up of vocalist Marc Grewe (Morgoth), guitarists Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) and Cyrus (Susperia), Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Brujeria) on bass and drummer Tony Laureano (Nile, Malevolent Creation, Acheron), Insidious Disease were formed in 2004, releasing their debut “Shadowcast” in 2010 that while not being ground breaking, certainly was made to measure in being a fitting tribute to the old school style of Death, Possessed and Pestilence. That said, given the high calibre of this ensemble, don’t be expecting some mere rehash of cookie monster regurgitations but rather an authentic take of that early genre from some seriously seasoned talent with a genuine appreciation and lust for the sound of the old school! With plenty of acidic bitterness fuelling their brutality, ‘Soul Excavation’ roars in with massive chainsaw guitars and a hammering rhythm to match as Grewe roars like a bear, throat gurgling magnificently while still being understood in his lines as Laureano shows why he is indeed known as a drummer ‘extraordinaire’! But going beyond the obvious, it’s the huge grooves and meaty hooks as well as tasty melodies all arranged superbly for maximum devastation that go a long way in justifying Insidious Disease’s ‘super’ group tag. Wailing and screaming in on ‘Invisible War’, the thick and dirty twin guitars along with Embury’s distorted bass hammer and rock out gargantuan grooves to shake your soul, while the old school diddly dee melodies get a modern make over, making them sound somewhat different although still recognisable even as the song reaches its blistering culmination. With its shimmering melodies contrasting dramatically to Grewe’s bestial roars and sick drawls, ‘Born Into Bondage’ literally unleashes itself amid a flood of double bass drumming from Laureano, while Silenoz and Cyrus utterly destroy through their smashing walls of power riffing before soloing towards the climatic chopping frenzied end. Indeed, with no drop in their quality throughout the remaining 7 tracks to this gripping sophomore, Insidious Disease prove there is indeed life after death even after a decade in the mortuary.
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