INSILENT “Potepienie”

For some reason this gives me the feeling of some sort of death/goth kind of band. Just seeing the band’s name gives me the feeling of this being in the vein of My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost. I’ve been wrong in the past. My gut feeling isn’t always correct. This has nothing to do with goth or doom but all to do with death metal. INSILENT is a death metal band, the end. Sure it is as heavy as Bolt Thrower or Morbid Angel in that style that seems to be so very favoured by the Poles. So if you have any sort of inclination towards Behemoth you might like to check this out. It will not be as great as Behemoth (but who are?) but if you are open minded enough you’ll find qualities in this to make you like it beside Behemoth. Anders Ekdahl

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