INSTORM “Madness Inside”

“Madness Inside”
(Total Metal/Metal Scrap Records)
INSTORM is another blank for me. I just got sent this album and I know absolutely nothing about it. But that doesn’t really matter. I’m used to go in blindly and come out being totally blended by its sheer genius. INSTORM have a name that either could be black or thrash metal. As it turns out it is the latter. This is thrash of the more aggressive school. You got the harsh voice. I get a slight Arch Enemy feel to this in the guitar work. When you add it all up you end up sitting with a rather cool metal album. If your thrash interest doesn’t go further than Megadeth then this isn’t for you. if you on the other hand like your stuff a tad harder you might very well find pleasure in this. I know I did. Anders Ekdahl

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