Battle Helm Rating

I am forever grateful for all the bands that send me stuff for review. That way I get to hear some cool stuff that I otherwise would have missed out on. It is with that honour I take on Norwegian INTERCEPTING FORCE’s debut album. To be honest I have no clue what kind of heavy metal tradition there is in Norway. As I sit here thinking I cannot think of too many Norwegian heavy metal acts over the last 25 years. I can think of tons of black metal and hardrock acts but pure heavy metal ones are bit harder. I do know that they exist. INTERCEPTING FORCE makes me think of Hammerfall. Not in a cloning way but more in the vibe of it. But this is intense heavy metal. The one that gets you pounding a fist in the air and banging your head. The one that gets your heart pumping almost to the borer of a cardiac arrest. More stuff like this and I will be in shape for beach 2019. Anders Ekdahl

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