INTESTINAL “The Rottening”

“The Rottening”
(Hellthrasher Records)
I’ve been reading about Sweden’s Intestinal. Now I’ll get to hear them too. I have kinda high hopes for this one. Not only because they are Swedish but because I’ve only heard good things about them. I need to hear for myself if they are as good as they are said to be. OK so I’m a sucker for the good old Nihilist, Unleashed, Grave and Entombed sound of the late 80s/early 90s. I can’t help myself when I get a new record that sounds just like that period. And before you say nostalgic old fool you should give this a listen. Tell me if this isn’t the greatest death metal you’ve ever heard. This is heavy and it feels like you are stuck in quick sand up to your ears. It is like having a bad ear infection turned good. It just cuts through all the crap that stands in its way. Don’t know if I make any sense. If not check this out for yourself and you’ll understand. Anders Ekdahl

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