INTO CENTURY “Nobody’s Slave”

”Nobody’s Slave”
I am fascinated by the choices bands do when it comes to their names. INTO CENTURY might look good on paper but once you start thinking about the meaning I get stomped; INTO CENTURY??? But the name is just a name. What matters is the music. Musically this made me think of a cross between Soundgarden and Helmet. It is grungy yet heavy in a kinda off-beat kind of way. And since I like both Soundgarden and Helmet I find pleasure in listening to this Danish band. I have nothing against Volbeat but I’ll take this any day of the week over having to sit through a Volbeat album. This is more my kind of heavy metal. Throw in some Pantera too in the mix and you get a pretty heavy yet melodic album to listen to. Anders Ekdahl

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