Intöxicated – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatrol”

Intöxicated – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Hellpatrol” (Hells Headbangers)

I actually found it hard to associate the 4 innocent lads with the beer n sex biker rock they play – surely it was their dads knocking out songs (amongst other things lol – Ed) like ‘Slutanic Speedmetal’, ‘Metal Porno Slut’ and ‘Sex Drinks Satan’!? Essentially based on early 70s Motorhead, vokillist Löuie must have a serious drinking problem given how lacerated his vocals are – even Lemmy would be shocked as to how disheveled this young guy’s apples are! Drummer ÄC must be one of Evo’s illegitimate sons, cos he has Warfare’s beats and barks down to a tee, not forgetting guitarist El Ranchö who was undoubtedly weaned on early Destruction and Diebels Alt! I used to think bands like this were a thing of my past where young headbangers kicked outta their homes onto the cold streets sought solace in cheap booze, glue and the only sex they ever got was a wank in a dirty toilet – well if that was you then Germany’s Intöxicated are singin’ your tune.

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