INVASOR “Preludio”


Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 80s Spanish metal was a novelty. And it still feels that way in 2017. I don’t get too many Spanish bands coming my way. A shame really because I have only great experiences with Spanish metal. INVASOR is a heavy metal band. The fact that they sing in Spanish gives this an interesting edge. It is like hearing Japanese metal from the 80s. You don’t know what they sing about but it sure sounds good. And today you got all kinds of translation programs on-line that can help you. I don’t know if there is a specific Spanish metal sound or if it is just the fact that they sing in Spanish but this do sound very Spanish. It feels like INVASOR have captured a melancholia native to Spain in their sound. In that manner they reminds me of Heroes Del Silencio. In all that sunshine lurks a darker side. It sure works for me. Anders Ekdahl

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