Invincible Force – “Satan Rebellion Metal”


Invincible Force – “Satan Rebellion Metal” (Dark Descent Records)

Hoarse thrashing black metal from Chile! Formed in 2007, this lot clearly take inspiration from the likes of Venom, Possessed and Nifelheim with savage barking vocals, evil chugging riffola and a piston rhythm on overdrive. Whilst countless bands employ this trademark style, Invincible Force are to be acknowledged on the catchiness of their scything holocaust riffs, armor thick and thrown in like a nuclear barrage across a variety of tempos to create a ceaseless call for war on menacing songs like ‘Summoning The Black Destruction’, ‘Bringers Of Armageddon’ and ‘Onwards To War’. The lyrics are predictably cheesy, but who needs finesse when you’ve got something so base and cliched, yet so irresistible that it sounds good! The cover sez it all really – a muscle bound Satan writing ecstatically in a skull strewn pit of venomous cobras – and you are there.

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