ION VEIN “IV v1.0”

“IV v1.0”
(Mortal Music)
For some reason I kind of expected this to be some massive progressive metal. It turned out to be more along the lines of traditional metal than anything else. OK, not exactly traditional. More straight forward metal with little or no tingle tangle. One thought I can’t let go of is that that this reminds me of an up-tempo Pantera. There’s the aggressive vocal approach and the sludgy guitar sound (albeit sped up) that made Pantera a trademark. Or is it Crowbar that it reminds me of. Whatever it is I like that sludgy sound, even if it feels like it is played on 45. What I don’t like is that this is only a three track EP. That sucks majorly. I want to hear more. Once your heart starts to pump it all ends. It’s like having intercourse with the most beautiful woman in the World only to have her leave midway because she got a headache. Anders Ekdahl

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