Ion Vein – “IV v2.0”

Ion Vein – “IV v2.0” EP (Mortal Music)

These Chi – town metallers have been going since the mid 90s when they were formed outta the ashes of Latent Fury by guitarist Chris Lotesto. Initially more of a prog / power band in the Queensryche vein, Ion Vein have been content to release tracks over time rather than albums and their style has evolved in line with the changing roster of band personnel who’ve graced their line-ups! With “IV v2.0” the band seem to have gone more for a straight forward modern heavy metal approach with the three songs ‘Seamless’, ‘Fool’s Parade’ and ‘This Is Me’ being very much in the Nevermore, Armored Saint or even Novembers Doom vein. Vocalist Scott Featherstone sounds like a more metalized version of Dio, while Lotesto’s furious, chopping riffola and fluid technical lead breaks could give Annihilator’s Jeff Waters a run for his money. Completing the Ion Vein assault are Rob Such and Chuck White on bass n drums respectively, who equally kick it to the max on this powerful EP to see us off nicely into the new year!

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