IRDORATH “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches”

“Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches”
Thanks to the success of Rammstein everything sung in German makes me think of them instantly. No matter what style of music we’re talking about. Irdorath could best be described as death metal. In a way they too make me think of Lemming Project. That old German band keeps popping up every now and then when I hear a new band from Germany or German speaking countries. Gotta be something in their water that brings out that in them. Irdorath may have a melodic side to their metal, but I wouldn’t go as far as call this melodeath. For that they are too hard and aggressive. So melodic death metal has to do. Maybe a slight kinship with Hypocrisy are to be found as well as some goth metal thrown in to mix it all up. Not so bad that you’d want to stay away from it. If you like melodic death metal and want to check out the newest releases then this is for you too. Anders Ekdahl

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