IRDORATH “The Final Sin”

“The Final Sin”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that I am aware of through their previous records. I think I even did an interview or two with them. So this is or is not a nice re-acquaintance depending on what this album sound like. I do hope for this to be a really nice re-acquaintance because bad ones are not that nice. This is their fifth album. To be fully honest I don’t really remember anything special from the two previous albums I have heard. But based on this new one I should have paid better attention to this band because this new album is really good. If you like you black metal raw but with a melodic touch you ought to check this one out. A really cool record that I will copy to my phone and listen to when I drive to and from work. I have to go back and re-check their previous albums. Anders Ekdahl

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