IRON FLESH “Summoning The Putrid”

“Summoning The Putrid”
(Grand Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

“Swedish old skull death metal from France”. Can it get any better? Not to my ears. Swedish old school death metal is great no matter where the band come from. IRON FLESH formed as a one-man band in 2017 but soon decided to start playing live. Listening to this is like hearing a mix of Entombed and Grave. That heavy, sluggish riffing that is so connected with these two bands. As cool as it is to hear old school Swedish death metal as hard is it to get it totally right. If that is what you are aiming for. But I am not that much of a purist. As long as it resembles old school I am happy. And this does resemble old school. And to my ears that makes this cool. Anders Ekdahl

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