Iron Lamb – “Blue Haze”

Iron Lamb – “Blue Haze” (The Sign Recordings) 

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Iron Lamb – a quest for rock n roll!!! After 2 prior releases, Iron Lamb have turned their fusion of punk and metal into their own flash bomb of raw, rock n roll energy! With vocalist Daniel Bragman sounding uncannily like Lemmy, it’s no surprise that Motörhead are a big influence especially when also considering Daniel Ekeroth’s massive bass sound, although the band have cut their teeth in other extreme bands such as Repugnant, Insision, General Surgery and Tyrant. Motivated by ‘…piss, drugs and laughter..’, there’s little in the way of bleating when it comes to the music given the supports they’ve done for Vomitory, Ghost, Turbonegro, Bolt Thrower and Poison Idea, so the fleeces are pretty thick on these woolly backs! Stoked by classic riffs and grooves of the hard rocking 70s and fuelled by punk, warbling guitars meld with dirty slide riffs, thudding kick drums, Ekeroth’s rumbling bass and of course, Bragman’s gravelly drawls on ‘Bound By Gravity’, which is completed by a trippy passage complete with soulful guitar before sliding back into its groovy apocalypse. Apparently widening their sound on “Blue Haze” with a greater use of keyboards, mellotrons and even piano, there’s actually little to notice other than mainly in the song intros and peripheral lacings given the overpowering noise knocking out everything else, although on ‘Into The Night’ there is a very prominent, but cool goth /new wave guitar melody. Other than that, get ready to be pulverised. On the addiction of ‘The Hunt’, rampaging drum rolls and Bragman’s roars are held together by the wild, rock n roll guitars of Jens Bäckelin and Johan Wallin spitting fire riffs and gasoline solos while Ekeroth kicks them all in the ass with his hefty bass – nice ha ha! Well hooked in by now, the sheer funkiness of ‘The Iron And The Lamb’ with its massive 70s grooves, metallic melodies and totally exciting chorus resplendent with even more crucial drum rolls from Thomas Daun made for a superb finish. I’m not sure if Iron Lamb will ever make it to the big time, but along the way they’ve given people one helluva ride, and in the world of rock n roll that’s ultimately what matters.

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