Iron Lamb – “The Original Sin”

Iron Lamb
“The Original Sin”
(Pulverised Records)

Utter mayhem. Rock n roll meets punk meets Swe-death in this incredible crossover that piles in Motorhead with Dismember with Poison Idea! Featuring veterans from the Swedish Extreme Metal community such as Johan Wallin (General Surgery, ex-Repugnant, etc), Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex-Insision, etc), Daniel Ekeroth (ex-Dellamorte, author of “Swedish Death Metal” book) and Grga Lindström (Ghost, ex-Repugnant), songs like ‘Dubious Preacher’, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Like You’ and ‘I Don’t Like You’ leave a trail of destruction that few punk bands with could hope to match musically. Add in the nihilistic attitude and samples from classic movies like ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘The Warriors’ and it’s the end complete from these sheep with brains!

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