Iron Lizards – “Hungry For Action”

Iron Lizards – “Hungry For Action” (The Sign Records)
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‘…No fucks given. No trends…and with no unnecessary shit in their songs…’! If you’re drawn to the dangerous side of life and like your music played with equal, living on the edge desperation, then this power trio from Paris will do it for you. Formed in 2015 and since building a formidable reputation for combining ‘..the roughest part of music history..’, Iron Lizards take it right back to Hüsker Dü, stopping along the way to pick up Gang Green followed by The Hellacopters, before ending up at Zeke’s doorstep for the party to end all parties – whoa! “Hungry For Action” is their long-awaited debut and man, it doesn’t hold back whatsoever, detonating in your face right from the opener through its 12 blistering tracks. Intensity and energy aside though, what makes Iron Lizards so popular is that their material is hugely catchy with the songs oozing plenty of pure rock ‘n’ soul through tons of licks and breaks enough to set your heart on fire. Feedback wailing and bass rumbling into ‘The Way You Play The Game’, the raw riffs slide and drums rip and tear it up amid wild rock ‘n’ roll fury as the track wrecks its way with such abandon, it’s nothing short of a moshers paradise ha ha! On ‘Confusion Blues’, the energy booming outta the amps is amazing as punk rock croons collide with wailing rock ‘n’ roll guitar breaks amid fast, punchy riff slides as the Iron Lizards pile everything into the song as if it was their last day on Earth, earning my admiration for the way they don’t hold back in giving it all to you. Slamming around the studio like punk pinballs to ‘Ex’, the catchy punk riffs and wailing rock ‘n’ roll breaks do the trick to send you into a whirlwind of air punching, headbanging and all out spazzing as you forget the caffeine thanks to this 30-minute sucker leaving you dosed up for the day – and feeling better for it. Definitely one to break the air guitar out for!!!!
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