Iron Reagan – “The Tyranny Of Will”

iron reagan

Iron Reagan – “The Tyranny Of Will” (Relapse Records)

A crossover super group made up of Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta and Phil Hall, along with Ryan Parrish of Darkest Hour together with members of Mammoth Grinder, Iron Reagan take me right back to the 80s listening to DRI, Cryptic Slaughter and of course – skateboarding! From their mammoth 24 track blitz right through to the raw production this is a fitting enough modern take on that cult sub genre, fans of which are sure to lap up on socio-politically charged songs like ‘Your Kids An Asshole’, ‘Rat Shit’ and the apocalyptic finale of ‘Four More Years‘ – complete with deranged crowd chants as a (piss)take on a Republican convention. Gained from their reputation of leveling audiences the world several times over, Phil Hall and Mark Bronzino‘s guitars are like a high speed punk chop shop while bassist Rob Skotis and Ryan Parrish’s pummeling drumming stomp you asunder amidst Foresta’s off key hollerin’ and throat strained shout outs. Fast, raw and ugly, this was the way it was back then and Iron Reagan are doing it all over again on this in your face debut for Relapse – total punk metal mayhem!

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