Iron Savior – “Kill Or Get Killed”

Iron Savior – “Kill Or Get Killed” (AFM Records)
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Still flying the power metal flag high comes Piet Sielck and his boys with album no 11! A staple in the Hanseatic metal scene, Iron Savior was born in 1996 by the multi talented guitarist producer who was joined by former Helloween bandmate Kai Hansen and then drummer for Blind Guardian Thomen Stauch in a new project that would blend melodic power metal into a science fiction concept. Since then the Hamburg based band have steadily become a name and a staple on the live scene – which they deserve incidentally given the quality of their music! “Kill Or Get Killed” does little to deviate from this winning formula of epic but melodic music played by talented hands, as judged by the 10 grand tracks here. Right from the heavy crunching guitars on ‘Stand Up And Fight’, Sielck’s soaring soulful vocals egg in the passion and harmonies backed by the heavy rhythm and macho shouted out chorus. Accompanied by plenty of fluid guitar work from Joachim ‘Piesel’ Küstner that’s both fretboard burning and equally tender, this is classic Iron Savior to the bone! Speeding up on the even more passionate ‘Eternal Quest’ with its singalong chorus and dancing guitar melodies alternating with harder riffs, Sielck’s controlled highs are the perfect pitch for the rhyming lyrics while Patrick Klose adds his own measured double bass drumming before the guitar solos rocket off so majestically. More dramatic with its exotic licks is ‘Heroes Ascending’, its galloping melodic riffola led by Sielck’s highs of ‘engines ignite, ready to fight’ definitely bringing to mind Gamma Ray especially in the amazing twin guitar solo that will simply blow your mind and melt your heart. Another classic, and another winner, you simply can’t go wrong with Iron Savior!
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