Iron Savior – “Live At The Final Frontier”


Iron Savior – “Live At The Final Frontier” 2CD / DVD (AFM Records)

Formed almost 20 years ago by vocalist Piet Sielck, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian), Iron Savior has since issued eight respectable albums, so it seems fitting that we are finally treated to a live release. Although Hansen and Stauch have long since departed Sielck has kept the spirit alive and indeed, his presence and gravelly rock voice are very much to the fore in the mix of this live set recorded in the band’s hometown of Hamburg. Strangely, I seem to remember Sielck in the past voicing lack of interest in a live album, but listening to the 17 tracks it sounds like the band are having a ball, along with their fans, in this rip roaring performance that is not just in your face but on a bloody loud recording! For those not familiar with the band, Iron Savior play mid tempo power metal based around a science fiction concept carried through their albums although the band’s style doesn’t go as far as prog. Listening to the likes of ‘Mind Over Matter’ this live set has a very heavy and energetic pace to it making for one hell of a show with all the band sounding fired up and especially some serious power drumming from Thomas Nack! With the psyched crowd singing and clapping along enthusiastically you can hear the band are on a roll through ‘Starlight’ whilst on ‘Heavy Metal Never Dies’ the Judas Priest influences are evident, with the cover of ‘Breaking The Law’ leaving no doubt in my mind whatsoever. Amidst the sweat and furor, Sielck’s manly vocals add soul along with the powerful epic melody of the guitars to songs like ‘Hall Of The Heroes’ in what is a show clearly making up for lost ground on the live release front. With the DVD containing the usual bonus / backstage footage rounding off this extensive and long overdue package “Live At The Final Frontier” will not only be snapped up by fans but also anyone just wanting to hear a balls out live album that makes you feel you are right there!

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