Iron Savior – “Reforged – Riding on Fire”

Iron Savior – “Reforged – Riding on Fire” (AFM Records)

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By now a legendary name in German power metal, few may be aware that Iron Savior aren’t allowed for legal reasons to re-issue their first 5 albums on Noise Records. The solution? Re-record the best of them on a 19 track double album sonic attack! Formed back in the mid 90s by Helloween’s Kai Hansen, Blind Guardian’s drummer Thomen Stauch and multi-instrumentalist producer/engineer Piet Sielck, Iron Savior have released 9 albums in their career and judging by last year’s “Titancraft”, show little sign of flagging. As you can imagine, this is a turbo charged performance by Sielck and the members that make up the band of today. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to get more exposure to the band (or German power metal in general), I’d also extend this invitation to old fans given these enthusiastic re-recordings, with no introduction needed whatsoever for the hugely uplifting, catchy material on show here! From ‘Protector’ (taken from 2002’s “Condition Red” album) with its chugging Judas Priest riffing tempered by incredible, singalong melodies to the double bass drumming driven ‘I’ve Been to Hell’ (taken from 2001’s “Dark Assault” album) with its soaring soulful vocals and addictive chorus, it’s clear this is what original power metal, rooted in traditional heavy metal is all about. For me, ‘Prisoner Of The Void’ (taken from 1999’s “Unification” album) with its epic tones, awesome solos and anthemic chorus really show why Iron Savior, once started as a side project, soon evolved into a full fledged band in its own right, and today continues to be a name regarded by many!

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