Iron Savior – “Titancraft”


Iron Savior – “Titancraft” (AFM Records)

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Wow, these guys are on a roll – in just two years they’ve released “Rise Of The Hero” (which became the band’s biggest chart success to date), re-recorded 2007’s “Megatropolis” and on top of that, issued a live DVD/CD in “Live At The Final Frontier”! As if unstoppable, now comes “Titancraft” which literally thunders in thanks to Thomas Nack’s resonating drums, setting the pace of fast Teutonic power metal that defines the 11 tracks befitting the album’s title. Formed in the mid 90s by none other than Helloween’s Kai Hansen and then drummer for Blind Guardian Thomen Stauch, along with multi-instrumentalist and producer/engineer Piet Sielck around a sci-fi concept evolving with each album’s release, I’ve long lost the plot of the story but never the stupendous music of Iron Savior. Despite now being the sole founding musician, lead vocalist / guitarist Sielck has over time built a solid band around him and continues to produce the high quality, fiery but highly catchy power metal that defines this band. “Titancraft” majestically continues this trend with high, passionate vocals, blazing twin guitars with Joachim Küstner and a smashing powering rhythm courtesy of bassist Jan-Sören Eckert, not forgetting the aforementioned Nack’s drum rolls and double bass work. It’s really a power package from start to finish, be it in speed trips like ‘Strike Down The Tyranny’ or up tempo rockers like ‘Way Of The Blade’, but always beautifully melodic in those guitars that effortlessly shift between fire n ice, backed by soulful vocal harmonies like on the masterful title track. Triumphantly produced by Sielck himself, “Titancraft” is an excellent release impressively continuing Iron Savior’s unstoppable winning streak!

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