ISA “Chimera”


Battle Helm Rating

Psychedelic death metal sounds to me like an oxymoron. But I have been subjected to so many different styles of metal over the years that on paper shouldn’t work but in reality has turned out to be some of the greatest things since sliced bread. I am not saying that this will bring about that sort of reaction but it sure does sound interesting. If you like your music meandering up hills and down valleys and not just go from point A to B then this will be your trip. I am a person that enjoy a vast variety of trips hence I have no problem with this going all over the place in order to go from A to B. to me that makes the journey a bit more interesting. But you gotta have the time and patience to take this journey. If you are in a commuter hurry you better stay away. I don’t really have any particular bands to compare this to, more because of me than because this is totally original. If you like to be adventurous be my guest. Anders Ekdahl

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