ISENORDAL “Shores Of Mourning”

“Shores Of Mourning”
(Eternal Warfare/Pest Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta admit that what drew me to this band was the band name. Not that I know how to proper pronounce it but there is a ring to it that I like. What kind of metal it will be I have no idea but that is some of the charm too, going into this blindfolded. That they come from the state Washington and play a sort of funeral doom neo folk inspired music just adds to my curiosity. This could be either bird or fish. I doubt it will be in between. What struck me at first was that I could not hear any tendencies of funeral doom. What I hear instead was an organic sound that made me think of the vast forests in Northern USA. Of pine trees and nature. Yeah, I know. A bit clichéd but hey; that’s how my mind works. It would be easy to compare this to that whole fauna of Cascadian metal we saw emerging a couple of years back but it is in that fine category of stubborn minded metal I want to place this too. Mix a hell of different genres and you get something like ISENORDAL. Anders Ekdahl

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