ISGÄRDE ” Jag Enslig Skall Gå”

” Jag Enslig Skall Gå”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

This is the first I hear of Isgärde. I know what a stengärde is but not one made of ice. And just from the album title alone I expect this to be dsbm. Perhaps along the lines of Shining and those kind of bands. But as I am new to this band (project?) it is with an open mind I approach it. I can with certainty say that this is anything but dsbm. Instead it is more blackgazing than anything else. More along the lines of the introspective kind of black metal that we saw an abundance of a couple of years back. Throw in some atmospheric bm too and you get a pretty good picture. And since I am a fan of both atmospheric and blackgazing this is a record for me. Anders Ekdahl

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