Iskald – “Nedom og Nord”


Iskald – “Nedom og Nord” (Indie Recordings)

Iskald are aptly named. Hailing just north of Norway’s arctic circle where even in the ‘summer’ you may need gloves their music reflects the deep ice and piercing frosts of their infamous winters i.e. harsh yet incredibly beautiful. The work of Simon Larsen (Guitars/Bass/Keys/Vocals) and Aage Krekling (Drums/Vocals), Iskald play melodic black metal with a strong atmosphere that makes songs like ‘A Fading Horizon’, ‘The Silence’ and ‘Nidingsdåd’ as cold as they are. Dark drawling vocals sung in a mixture of English and their native Norwegian glide over what seems like a battle beneath made up of a fierce rhythm clashing with a barrage of beautiful metallic melodies clanging away endlessly. Recorded by Larsen and Krekling in their own studio in Bodø, the material has more soul and character than on previous albums, reflecting their mood and feelings rather than just the technical aspects, resulting in a masterpiece that is nothing short of epic both in terms of its musical intensity but moreover, the emotional impact of cold music that is as mesmerizing as the climate on which it is based.

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